Charmander Enamel Pin


A black-metal enamel pin showing Charmander waiting on a rock.


These 20mm soft enamel pins were the very first ones I ever created, to commemorate meetups for Community Day on May 19th 2018, when Charmander was the ‘Mon of the day.

The design is of Charmander waiting on a rock, with a bright tail flame.

The pins are in dark nickel, with a soft coloured enamel finish. You can choose either the standard orange Charmander, or the shiny version in Yellow.

I want to promote real fun and engagement at Pokemon Go Community events, which is why I wanted to provide a way for community leaders to combine forces to get cheap pins made to hand out as prizes. I open pre-orders for each month’s pins early, and update the listings as the design is finalised and I receive the completed pins.

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Normal, Shiny


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