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Seeds of Magic Progress Update

Well, that’s it. I just completed NaNoWriMo2023. 50,000 words in 30 days (well, 50,034 actually, but who’s counting?)

It’s been a really tough month. Mostly for my wife Lara, who has barely seen me as I’ve been shut up in my home office all evening writing, as well as all day working my day job. Hopefully she’ll forgive me if I dedicate this next book to her like I did the last one.

“Well, what about the book?” I hear you ask. 50,000 words seems so much, but honestly I think I’m barely a quarter of the way done. This one’s a monster. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut some of it out in editing, or it’s going to be too expensive to print in paperback! From what I’ve written though, this is a really good book. Better than Inspiration. I only hope I can do it justice, and get it finished before the next year passes.

Thank you, to everyone, for your support. You’re the best.

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