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Seeds of Magic Progress Update

I just finished outlining my next book, provisionally titled Seeds of Magic! This one’s a fantasy, set in the modern day but in a world only recently very different from our own.
The pervasive presence of magic creeps out from the seeds at the hearts of the Labyrinths and Wilds that litter the landscape. It disrupts the laws of physics, destroys technology, distorts creatures and even makes nightmares into reality.
Piecing together a life in this rapidly collapsing world is hard enough, but for the last few nights there have been strange lights from the Labyrinth in the centre of Southampton, and people have already started disappearing.
I stuck pretty close to my outline for Inspiration last year (with a few diversions). Let’s see how my plans hold out when I start writing for NaNoWriMo 2023!

Seeds of Magic
Due:8 months ago

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