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Seeds of Magic Progress Update

Five days into November, and I’m over 20% of the way towards my goal for the month. The words are coming quickly, but they’re not all great! I have a feeling these first few chapters will need more than a bit of editing later.

Oh well, they say the only thing a first draft has to do is exist.

These past few days I’ve been writing my second POV character. Flynn is a Southampton local. His own magic has never worked properly, so he’s dedicated to learning anything he can about magic, and the Labyrinths and Wilds that it creates. He’s learned the hard way to be more cautious than his partner Sam, but neither of them have the healthiest relationship with danger.

The next part of the story is what I’m looking forward to most – when Flynn & Achethe meet, and the first real look at the inside of Southampton’s Castle Labyrinth.

Seeds of Magic
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